Remember Poppy Day

Music By Olly Wedgwood | Lyrics & Poem by Chris Grace |Art By Teresa Scannella

Remembering The Many Who Have Fought Or Died In The Wars & Those Affected By Their Sacrifices

Please Observe Two Minutes Silence at 11am on Armistice Day (11th November) or on Remembrance Sunday


How You Can Help The Remember Poppy Day Project

We would appreciate the help of any friends, family or any volunteers who would like to help.
There are of course many social networking opportunities and we welcome your help in this area. Links can be set up for the video on your pages.
If you like the video, please visit Youtube and give it the 'thumbs up'. You can support the project by telling your friends and family by email, Facebook, etc. Please ask them to visit the site or search for 'Olly Wedgwood Remember Poppy Day on YouTube.
Please visit our new Facebook pages and click on the like button. It has a discussion section for you to share your opinions or leave a message on our Facebook wall.
Requesting The Song To Be Played On The Radio
Phone calls, letters or emails to radio stations requesting to hear Olly's song and to TV shows requesting live performances would be helpful, but please do this in a responsible manner.
Help With Press Releases To Newspapers, Radio & TV
We will have a lot of press releases to issue and need to contact radio, TV and the press. If you are able to help or have any good ideas or contacts, please send an email to  or or give us a call. If calling from the UK, the number is 01483 771 345.
From outside the UK call +44 1483 771 345
Websites & Blogs
If you have a website or a blog please provide a link to our website. Limited parts of the poem or lyrics can be included on your site or blog, providing you adhere to the Copyright conditions
Mailing List / Launch Events
We plan to have some launch events in both Surrey and London. In most of these we hope that you will have the opportunity to not only see a comprehensive live set from Olly (including the 'Remember Poppy Day single) but also Sam's superb set.  Either live act is a treat, but the opportunity to see both is not to be missed.  Georgi will be playing on saxophone in as many gigs as work commitments allow and we have other great sax players at hand if necessary.
To be kept informed of gigs and other news, please join our mailing list by sending an email with your name, town and country to
Debate & Forum
The messages in the poem and song are sincere and we would like to gently encourage people to take a little time to think about those who have made sacrifices.
Is there a need for some debate on the issue? Does it need some decision makers to either encourage the break or make it easier for those who wish to participate? If you're in a meeting' for example, its difficult for an individual unless someone takes an initiative and organises a planned 2 minute break. In the past, radio stations on all channels would stop to announce and observe the 2 minutes silence, which was both respectful and also a useful reminder.
If you would like to be involved in this debate, we have a discussion section on our new Facebook pages for you to exchange ideas and make suggestions that would be helpful. If you would like to suggest new discussion topics, or you are not on Facebook, please send an email to
Historical & Other Educational Resources
 We have a selection of other Remembrance Day Poems & Songs on this website. We will soon be adding historical information and other educational content too. If you have any photos or information you wish to contribute, please send an email to
Free Use In Schools & Other Establishments For Educational Purposes
We have had a lot of comments from teachers saying they find this song useful in explaining to children or youths about Remebrance Day. We are happy for the song to be downloaded from this site free of charge for such a purpose or for assemblies. If you wish to recommend this to your local school, that would be fine. We would appreciate a mention when the song is played that it is called 'Remember Poppy Day'.by Olly Wedgwood. The downloads page is here.

The Remember Poppy Day Single is Now Available

Download Olly Wedgwood's beautiful and moving single from this site by clicking here

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The Poppy Appeal (Music)
Alzheimer's Society (Art & Cards)
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Remember Poppy Day

Contact Us    email:  Tel from the UK:  01483 771 345
Tel from outside the UK:  +44 1483 771 345

Music By Olly Wedgwood | Lyrics & Poem by Chris Grace |Art By Teresa Scannella

Remember Poppy Day Music, Poem & Art

Please Observe Two Minutes Silence at 11am on Armistice Day (11th November) or on Remembrance Sunday

Red Bar & Restaurant Weybridge Surrey
Special Event At
Red Bar & Restaurant Weybridge Surrey
Live Music at Weybridge Surrey
2 Great Headline Acts Live!
This was a prior year event
More info

Official Facebook page for Remember Poppy Day
Woking Alzheimer's Sociaety Charity Donation
£400 raised for
Alzheimer's Society
Live Radio Appearances
Please note: since these BBC Radio appearances, the proportion to the charities has been raised to 100% of profits to Poppy Apeal for all Music and 50% on Art & Cards to Alzheimer's Society
BBC Radio Surrey - Guildford
104FM | 104.6 FM
Hear a recording
of Chris live on
BBC Radio Surrey
& BBC Radio Sussex
Chris was live from the Guildford studios as a
main feature
discussing the Remember Poppy Day Project
Also the Sarah Gorrell Show
BBC Radio Sussex
95.3FM | 104.5FM | 104.8FM | DAB
November 11 Remember Poppy Day on Ukranian TV Inter - main News Programme
International TV
Olly was filmed by Inter, the leading Ukranian TV Channel for broadcast on their peak news programmes on November 11th (up to 40 million viewers)
See Ukranian TV
News Coverage
Remember Poppy Day on Ukranian TV Channel Inter
Remembrance Day 11th November
Hear a recording
of Olly live on
BBC 3 Counties Radio
BBC Radio Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire
95.5FM | 103.8 FM | 1045FM
Olly was live from the Luton studios as a main feature
and also had another
Radio interview with
BBC Radio Milton Keynes
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Some of your comments
"Really lovely and moving , well done!"
Alison Davey

ďI looked at the website and after listening to the song and seeing the photos I was filled with such emotion that I am still crying now as I write this email.
You have done an incredible job putting this together and I really do feel privileged to be part of it. I wish everyone huge success.Ē
Teresa Scannella
Woking Surrey

"Love the song and lyrics "
Linda Stone
Hinchley Wood, Surrey


Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
Alzheimer's Society Charity supported by Art & Card Sales

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